joyosity (joyosity) wrote,

I've Seen It All Now

video courtesy of BorrowedTune72

I've seen it all now.*  I've seen an inside-the-park home run.  I've seen a grand slam.  I've seen two grand slams in one game.  I've even seen a no-hitter.  And now I've seen someone successfully steal home.

I actually saw someone try to steal home at the Giants game last Saturday, but it was so unsuccessful, it had me and Alvin completely bewildered as to why the attempt was made in the first place.  Who tries to steal home in the major leagues?

Jacoby Ellsbury, that's who.  I was sitting in probably the furthest seat from home plate I've ever sat in (we were so high up in the up in the upper bleachers that we were behind the jumbotron).  But whenever Ellsbury is on base you know you have to watch him; he's that exciting.  Still he was at third; where was he going to go?  But then all of a sudden I see him making a mad dash towards home.  He's fast--too fast for anyone to comprehend what's actually happening.  Is he...?  Did he just...?  Even the TV cameramen couldn't catch him starting his attempt.

The pitch is thrown.  Jacoby goes into a headlong slide.  Posada catches it at strike level--way too high for a tag.  He's safe!  And the crowd goes wild.  Everyone is realizing what just happened.  Those who missed it get filled in by friends.  The crowd doesn't stop cheering for a long time.  And the next time he comes up at bat we give him another standing ovation.  Because now, we've seen it all.

*Okay, actually I still have yet to see a triple play and a perfect game.  But I still have a bunch more games to go to this year!
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