joyosity (joyosity) wrote,


BP on Opening Day

So remember when I said that you really want to click on the panoramic of Opening Day BP?  (Go ahead, click it.)

If you did, you would've seen this:

See anything interesting?

Notice anything interesting? 

Still don't see it?

Take a look at the lower left corner....

WTF?  My guess is someone decided to try to use their umbrella to get the ball on the ground.  Unfortunately, it also looks like he ended up losing the umbrella.  So guess who went to help him out.

Who's that?

Could it be?

Returning a fan's umbrella

It's Gabe Kapler!

The funny thing is, while I noticed the umbrella on the field and Gabe returning it to the fan, I didn't realize I had captured how the fan had lost the umbrella until I was taking a closer look at the panoramic.

Anyways, congrats to Wake for having a no-hitter through 7 innings.  I was lucky enough to leave work early yesterday, so I was able to catch the whole game on TV.  It was good to get that last W in during this horrible road trip; hopefully coming home will continue the turnaround.  And I can't wait for Masterson to take the mound on Monday.  I have a lot of faith in that kid.  =)
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