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Tilt Shifting

I've been fascinated with the tilt shift effect ever since I searched on flickr for Ogunquit Beach last year and found this picture, which led me to this photo of Fenway.  Aren't they super cute?  The term "tilt shift" refers to the special lenses you need to get that effect manually, but thankfully now you can do it digitally using!  Basically, you are manipulating the photo so that there is a very tight plane of focus, thus making the contents of the photo look like a miniature model.  If you push the color saturation and sharpness of the photo, it furthers the illusion even more.

After playing around with some of my old photos, here are some of my favorites:

Fenway BP
Of course I have to start off with my second favorite place of worship--Fenway Park.  This was taken from the Left Field Roof Deck during batting practice.  Original here.

Sitting in Grandstand Section 23.  Pedroia steps up in the game that ends up being Lester's no-hitter.  Original here.

Breakwater Beach
Taken on Breakwater Beach on Cape Cod.  Not as much of a miniature model effect here, but I do like what the tight focus does for the picture.  Original here.

Steps down Mohegan Cliffs
The steps down Mohegan Bluffs.  Original here.

Beach at bottom of Mohegan Cliffs
The beach at the bottom of Mohegan Bluffs.  Original here.

Marriott CasaMagna Cancun
View of the beach and hot tub from my hotel room in Cancun.  Original here.

The Strip in Vegas as seen from the top of the Stratosphere hotel.  Original here.

Rock bridge
A rock bridge in Golden Gate Park.  Original here.

Koi in Stow Lake.  Original here.

Pacific Ocean
Another one where you don't get the miniature effect.  Nevertheless, I love it.  Original here.

More tilt-shifted pictures here.
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