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Fenway perpetual calendar

My Fenway perpetual calendar

When I saw this post on Photojojo on how to make your own perpetual calendar, I just knew I had to make one with my pictures from Fenway.  Since almost all of these pictures are crops of bigger pictures I wanted to make sure I didn't lose any image quality when printing so I printed them as business cards using  The nice thing about using moo is that you can get a different picture on each card if you want.  Unfortunately, they are printed in the U.K. so it takes like forever for them to get to you.

So basically you want to get a picture of the numbers 1-31, the days of the week, and 6 additional pictures you like to fill in for when the months don't start on a Sunday and to make the calendar a full rectangle.  From there, you can rearrange the pictures every month so that you have a perpetual calendar and never need to buy a new one again!  Here are some other examples.

The original post used Fotoclips to put the pictures together, but I thought I'd try mounting each of the cards on a magnet.  I found magnetic sheets with adhesive backing at the Artist & Craftsman Supply store in Central Square (right across from Pearl Art and usually cheaper) and just used a box cutter to cut each card out once I'd stuck it on.  I kind of like the magnets better than the Fotoclips because I have a feeling that after a couple of months of rearranging, the magnets will hold up better than the cards would with the clips.  Also, there's no need to "mount" the calendar after it's assembled; it sticks by itself to your refrigerator or, in this case, the door to the backyard.

If you click on the picture above, it'll take you to the flickr page where I've made notes on where most of the pictures came from (the ones that I remember, anyways).  I'm actually not fully satisfied with the print quality of some of the numbers, so I think when I get back to Fenway this year I'll try taking some purposeful shots of numbers (and months, if I can find them!) and maybe try making another (bigger) set.
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