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What the craps?

I was afraid my flight to Detroit would be delayed or that I'd have a hard time driving to the park and finding parking or that it'd rain, but all my fears were unfounded.  My flight was (mostly) on time, it was a relatively simple drive from the airport, there was plenty of parking, and the weather was awesome.  And even though I wore my Red Sox cap and t-shirt, I didn't get much grief from anyone, just some light-hearting joshing from the Hertz shuttle driver and the parking attendant.  I think it helped that I'm so cute.  ;)

So I got there in time to catch the Red Sox batting practice.  I could've checked into my hotel room first, but I figure when else am I gonna be able to catch more than just the tail end of Red Sox bp?  As expected, Manny, Papi, and Lowell hit plenty of homers, but what was surprising was how many Ellsbury was hitting too.  Or maybe I shouldn't be too surprised, after all, there was a point less than 2 weeks ago when Ellsbury had more homers than Papi.

At first I went straight to the wall next to the right field foul line to watch the bullpen toss, but then I noticed that Paps was drawing something on the ground and talking to Okajima and what I assumed was his translator.  Curious, I headed over to right behind them and took these pics and video.  Can you figure out what he's talking about?




After the lesson (which lasted over 20 minutes and I'm still not sure if Okajima understood anything Papelbon was trying to teach him, not so much because I think poorly of Okajima's intellect but more because I doubt Papelbon's ability to explain anything that complicated through a translator), Oki threw me a ball!  He was so nice and autographing a lot of the kids' balls.  Aardsma was signing a bunch of balls too.  And at one point when he was tossing with Tavarez, David and I .made eye contact mid-throw and the ball totally slipped from his hands and Tavarez almost injured himself trying to stop the ball from rolling past him.  It was so cute!

So I had chosen to sit in the left outfield because I figured I'd probably never have that view in Fenway.  Unfortunately Ellsbury didn't start, but that's okay because he did end up subbing in for Manny at the top of the ninth so I got a pretty good view of him making the last out of the game.  Wakefield was brilliant pitching 8 innings with only 2 hits.  And I got to witness Manny's 497th home run!  Maybe, maybe, maybe I'll see his 500th later on this month....

So Comerica Park in general is a pretty nice park, almost as nice as Camden imo.  I realize that I much prefer sitting low to the ground even if it's in the outfield than high up.  Unfortunately the food wasn't that appealing and I totally forgot to check out the ferris wheel until I noticed it on my way out.  But I'd definitely go back.  Considering I bought my ticket a week before the game, I got a pretty decent seat (5th row for about $20).  And I love how close to the players you can get during bp.  You can find a few more pics from the night here.

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